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Tsunami in Sri Lanka
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Tsunami 2004

Galle Hospital had been a mind shaking experience and taking pictures from the thousands of dead bodies had not felt good at all when seeing rivers of blood floating down by the building while talking to a young German doctor, who had felt totally worn out and shattered after endless hours on duty.

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Galle Hospital after the Tsunami

Galle Hospital had been under total pressure as from everywhere injured victims of the Tsunami were dropping in at a steady flow besides a large amount of dead bodies that needed to be identified and buried in a timely manner under the hot burning December sun.

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Galle Hospital after the Tsunami

The smell around the Galle Hospital area had been simply awful but people were so anxious about the well being of their dearest relatives, that they kept on waiting outside.

Tsunami in Galle

photo Tsunami in Unawatuna

Water and food were short at the Galle Hospital and supplies weren't coming in sufficient amounts.






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