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Sri Lanka Temples
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Temples in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka prides countless spectacular religious venues and holidays for Muslims, Buddhists, Hindu and Christians, what has led to a large amount of public holidays which the Sri Lankans fully enjoy.

Also the amount of working hours has been kept fairly low in most places with many shops closing at 6 PM, just to allow enough time for visiting temples and mosques before dark.

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photo White Buddha Monument in Kandy, Sri Lankanext button

White Buddha in Kandy

From all over Kandy people love to see this wonderful monument of the great Sri Lankan Buddhist culture.

See more from Kandy.

photo Trincomalee Koneswaram Hindu Templenext button

Hindu Temple Koneswaram

One of the most famous Hindu Temples in Sri Lanka can be found above the city of Trincomalee on the 150 meter high Swami Rock, which is one of the most popular venues in Trinco with such a wonderful Hindu Temple on top, which is dedicated to Shiva.

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Golden Temple Dambulla

photo Golden Temple Dambulla, Sri Lanka The Golden Rock Temple near Dambulla has become a prime destination for visitors from all over the world and very impressive is the view from the top.

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Temples in Galle

photo Japanese Peace Pagoda in Galle, Sri Lanka Galle prides a line of wonderful Temples and the white Japanese Peace Pagoda is only one, that offers a breathtaking view on the Bay of Galle.




Weherahena Temple Matara

photo Weherahena Temple in Matara, Sri Lanka The amazing Weherahena Temple in Matara is another example of the outstanding creativity that the Sri Lankans had been able to come up with in earlier generations.





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