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The Sigiriya Rock


The Sigiriya area is one of the most fascinating to explore in Sri Lanka with great monuments and many other scenic venues such as the legendary Kandaelama Hotel with some breathtaking views and accommodation available.

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In combination with a visit to the Golden Temple and some near by Spicy Gardens some perfectly arranged Sigiriya tour is likely to remain forever within the personal memory bank of each visitor.

Sigiriya Temple photo
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Sigiriya Rock Temple

The Sigiriya Rock Temple is one of the most visited in Sri Lanka.

Sigiriya Rock
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Sigiriya Rock

An impressive ancient monument of the Sinhalese culture, which sees itself as one of the eldest in the world.

photo Sigiriya Temple

Sigiriya Temple

The Sigiriya Rock Temple is only some 2 hours away from Kandy.


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