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Rugby 7s in Kandy

Elephant parades have become a huge tradition in Kandy in conjunction with the giant Perehara Festival and one has to say, that the Elephants play a big role in the emotional and cultural life in Sri Lanka.

The Rugby 7s videos

Japan vs. Taipei

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Traditional Elephant Parade at the Kandy Sports Club.


Mahinda Rajapakse in Kandy
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Mahinda Rajapakse

The former Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse was congratulating the great Japanese team for winning the Rugby 7s tournament in Kandy.


National Rugby Team Sri Lanka
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National Rugby Team Sri Lanka

Once again the great Sri Lankan Rugby team was vividly supported by their ferocious fans.

Japanese team @ Kandy Rugby 7s

Japanese National Rugby team
Japanese Rugby is strong in Asia as a result of a strong National League with many foreign players providing inspiration.

That's why it had been no surprise to see Team Japan dominating the Rugby 7s in beautiful Kandy.

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Sri Lankan Dancers

dancing girls in Sri Lanka
Always impressive to see the beauty and elegance of the Kandyan Ladies, who enjoy dancing and performing in front of large crowds.




Mahinda & Namal Rajapakse

Mahinda and Namal Rajapakse
Meanwhile the Rajapakse family prides also a suitable residence in Kandy.





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