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Sri Lanka Rugby

Rugby 7s in Kandy

Also the Chinese National Rugby team had shown massive efforts during the Rugby 7s in Kandy with a fine team and a top rank delegation.

The Rugby 7s videos

Japan vs. Taipei

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Traditional Elephant Parade at the Kandy Sports Club.

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photo Rugby Team China in Kandy, Sri Lanka
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Rugby Team China

Top Rugby coach Darryl Suasua from New Zealand had led the Chinese National team at the Kandy Sports Club.

National Rugby Team China in Sri Lanka
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National Rugby Team China

Chinese delegation leader Cui Zhi Qiang had also given a special interview during the tournament.

Japanese team @ Kandy Rugby 7s

Japanese National Rugby team
The Japanese Rugby team had also the MVP of the tournament on the field who had given a short interview after the final.



Sri Lankan Dancers

photo Chinese Taipeh Rugy coach in Sri Lanka
Chinese Taipeh had reached the Rugby 7s Final, but couldn't stop Japan.




Kandy Sports Club

photo Kandy Sports Club in Sri Lanka
Rugby in Sri Lanka is truly special and the Kandy Sports Club is a great venue to play.



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