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Haputale in Sri Lanka


is a famous high mountain tea region in Sri Lanka with a wonderful climate and stunning views and all worth being visited.

Have a look at photos, that are showing the beauty and the uniqueness of the Haputale region.

Haputale mountain view in Sri Lanka
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Haputale mountain views

On a clear day the view may go as far as Arugam Bay and certainly it is worth to drive up to Haputale all the way from Banderawella or Nuwara Elya.


Haputale, Sri Lanka

Haputale Love is when the day begins slowly with the chanting from the mosques and temples at the crack of dawn, the real Sri Lanka.

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Haputale Tea Mountains

photo Haputale Tea Mountains in Sri Lanka

The climate is moderate thanks to an ocean breeze, which is reaching Haputale most of the year while the much lower located Nuwara Elya is significantly cooler and also more rainy.

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