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Sri Lankan Furniture

Buying furniture in Sri Lanka offers some very competitive prices in particular when checking offers straight from the factories in Kalutara.

That's why many tourists would like to buy some nice chairs and other items, nut Sri Lanka suffers badly from a lack of decent shipping rates so that the transportation costs to Europe or Australia can easily spoil the pleasure.

However, buying some ordinary furniture in Sri Lanka is fairly expensive and finding a good mattress is almost impossible though the prices are at least twice as high as in Thailand.

photo furniture in Sri Lanka
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Taj Exotica Furniture in Bentota

The wonderful Taj Exotica is another fine example of Sri Lankan interior design and nice furmiture.

photo bathroom design in Sri Lanka
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Bathroom design in Sri Lanka

Some trendy upper class bathroom design in Southern Sri Lanka, which may include such a big bath tub, but without hot water :-)

photo sofas furniture in Hambantota, Sri Lanka

Furniture in Hambantota

Such sofas are also very popular in Sri Lanka.

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