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Telecommunication in Sri Lanka

Internet in Sri Lanka

The ADSL and mobile coverage has improved a lot in Sri Lanka and telephone calls are still much cheaper than in Europe or other parts of Asia.

Many mobile phone providers are competing for customers and sending an sms becomes available at 2 Rupees.

Positive is also the availability of Internet on Mobile devices and some friendly support staff at Dialogue and SLT, the currently leading providers of Sri Lankan telecommunication.

10 minutes of mobile Internet services did cost around as little as 1 rupee.

It is also fairly easy to buy a sim card and to enjoy some good and competitive communication services all over the island.

Dialogue, Suntel, Lanka Bell, Mobitel, Hutch and the national SLT are all in for a small domestic market, which is very competitive for consumers.

Internet Cafes can be a bit expensive with up to over 200 rupees per hour in tourist areas while monthly ADSL flat rates cost around 3.000 rupees.

Internet Cafe andy, Sri Lanka
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Internet Cafe Kandy

Meanwhile Internet Cafes have a long tradition in Sri Lanka, but since mobile devices have become available, they had to revamp their business models in order to survive.

photo Internet Cafe in Kandy, Sri Lanka
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Internet Cafe in Kandy

International Skype calls have become another business for the Internet Cafes in Sri Lanka.

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