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Wildlife in Sri Lanka

Animals & Wildlife

Nature, animals and wildlife in Sri Lanka are so very impressive and no surprise at all, that visitors love to explore a truly tremendous variety of absolutely astonishing species.

Here's a wildlife fun clip from two great Cricket Islands, Barbados and Sri Lanka with a speedy Red Millipede, a caterpillar, some turtles, monkeys and much more ...

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Animals in Sri Lanka

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photo Red Millipede in Sri Lanka
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Red Millipede

Red Millipedes are very frequent in Sri Lanka and their speed can be phenomenal.

photo Monkey in Kandy
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Monkey in Kandy

Kandy with the Mahavelli River valley and Unawatuna are both great homes for some very lively Monkeys.

photo Monitor Lizard Sri Lanka

Monitor Lizard

Some Monitor Lizards in Sri Lanka are huge, but not dangerous.


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