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Hikkaduwa Sri Lanka

Hikkaduwa Beach

has become one of the best beaches for surfers and for fun seeking western ladies from which so many tend to fall in love with Hikkaduwa and Sri Lanka.

In fact surfers and party people from all over the world are having a wonderful time at the Mambo and Vibration night clubs, where meanwhile even topless night club beach parties and various types of stimulants have been allowed to create more fun opportunities for the Western ladies and also to improve the revenue situation for the hard working Sri Lankan operators.

All of them might say thanks a lot to all the wise Buddhist police officers along the Southern beaches, who are successfully mediating between the more conservative sectors and those, who depend on substantial revenues from Tourism.

Hikkaduwa Hotels

Many nice little Beach Hotels and Guest Houses have become a charming pride of Hikkaduwa while the fairly big Coral Gardens Hotel seems to be only suitable for low price package tourists, since the overall quality has been brought down to rock bottom already in 2004.

And here's a list of the best Hotels and Guest House offers for some nice Hikkaduwa Beach holidays.

See the best Hotel and Guest House offers in Hikkaduwa

Dulhara Villa

Aditya Boutique Hotel

Hansa Surf Hotel

Aurora Beach Villa

Hikkaduwa Video


Watch some fine Hikkaduwa surfing.

photo Hikkaduwa Surfing, Sri Lanka
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Hikkaduwa Surfing

Hikkaduwa offers some of the finest surfing waves in Sri Lanka and during the high season countless beach boys seem to compete for the wealthiest and best looking Western girls.

photo Hikkaduwa Beach in Sri Lanka
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Hikkaduwa Beach

The Hikkaduwa Beach is very long and full of interesting things to enjoy.


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