Colombo sunset @ Sri
Colombo Airport

Bandaranaike (CMB)

Colombo prides a fine and well organized International Airport with a spacious Duty Free Zone even for arriving passengers.

Colombo Airport in Sri Lanka
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Bandaranaike Airport (CMB)

Not far from Negombo Beach and near the heart of Colombo visitors enjoy the recently modernized Bandaranaike Airport, which is providing a fine variety of services.

Duty Free @ Bandaranaike Airport
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Duty Free @ Bandaranaike Airport

Always good to buy a few bottles at Duty Free after arrival as out side the prices are at least 100% higher.

photo Colombo Airport, Sri Lanka

Outside Colombo Airport

Also good to have a driver waiting outside in order to avoid long talks with potential scammers and certain gold diggers, who love to charge as much as they can when simply connecting to regular taxis.


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