Ayurveda Sri Lanka

Ayurveda in Sri Lanka

Since ages Ayurveda treatment in Sri Lanka has been so very famous thanks to the great work of Dr. N. Nallaperema, who had studied many years in India before developing the Sri Lanka Ayurvedic school.

In his exclusive video interview he explained also the differences between Sri Lankan and Indian Ayurveda as well as the impact of the Ayurvedic nutrition, which can cure many diseases while it even helps to improve sexual stamina.

Ayurveda video

photo Ayurveda in Sri Lanka


Ayurveda Dr. N. Nallaperema in Sri Lanka
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Ayurveda Dr. N. Nallaperema

For many years Ayurveda Dr. N. Nallaperema has been helping and consulting countless patients based on his unique knowledge about Ayurveda, pulse diagnosis and so much more.

photo Ayurvedic food in Sri Lanka
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Ayurvedic food in Sri Lanka

Very healthy and tasty is such a well prepared Ayurvedic food plate.

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